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Operating and Maintenance Manual

Electric Motors


It is advisable to have a monthly inspection of the motor operation.

Regular cleaning of the motor is necessary during it's service. Care must be taken to prevent moisture, dust, etc. from entering the motor.

Ensure that adequate grease lubrication is provided for the bearings when the motor is in operation. Grease lubricant should be in general replaced every 6 months or immediately under the following conditions.

- Lubricant grease hardened or darkened.
- Accumulation of water drops, dust or dirt on the grease surface.
- Overheating of the bearings.

When replacing the grease, the bearings should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly with gasoline or kerosene after the old grease has been cleaned out. The bearing housing should then be filled with new grease to 2/3 of its volume. This is very important as impaired lubrication will result from insufficient or excessive grease.

Built-in lubricating cups and grease relief holes are provided inside both end brackets Ball-bearing motors are shipped with sufficient grease for a long operating period, if relubrication is needed, using a low pressure hand-operated grease gun, pump in clean recommended grease until the new grease appears at the relief hole.