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Operating and Maintenance Manual

Health and Safety


Working Conditions and Pre-Installation Check

This section deals with the hazards that could be encountered when any work is carried out on the equipment for which this manual is written.

Therefore the following points should be observed to avoid any injuries or health hazards.

The unit shall be checked to ensure that :

It is suitable for the electrical supply .

It is suitable for the atmosphere or the environment in which it is to be used.

It is suitable for the working media, temperature and pressure for which it is to be used.

If the unit is situated in a confined space, suitable ventilation MUST be available to ensure that any media used (such as ammonia, R22 or R407C) is not injurious to health.

It is manually isolated from the mains supply before any work is carried out. DO NOT enter the unit while the fans are running.

Electrical equipment is earthed to comply with I.E.E. Regulations and local by-laws.

When starting the electric motor(s) the procedure as laid down in this manual is fully carried out.

The procedure for removing and replacing timing/wedge belts and filter media (bags or panels) are fully carried out as laid down in this manual or the supplier's literature.