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Operating and Maintenance Manual

Invalidation of Guarantee


The following misuses or maltreatment of AIR HANDLERS LIMITED equipment will render all guarantees, as set out on the Conditions of Sale, void.

Failure to install, set up or put to work any part of the equipment as specified in AIR HANDLERS LIMITED Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions.

Attempting to operate the motors and other electrical equipment with an electrical supply other than that designated on the motor nameplate, or failing to connect and protect such equipment in accordance with I.E.E. Regulations and local by-laws.

Failure to notify AIR HANDLERS LIMITED of equipment damaged on receipt in writing within five (5) days.

Failure to run equipment within the design specifications as notified at the time of order.

Modifications to designed arrangement or performances without the prior written approval of AIR HANDLERS LIMITED.

Damage caused to equipment on site through lack of adequate protection from the elements or misuse by other trades.

Failure to observe all normally accepted engineering practices during installation, commissioning and subsequent operation of equipment.