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Operating and Maintenance Manual

Maintenance of equipment held in storage conditions for a period of up to 2 years


Unit Interior and Exterior Surfaces

If ducting is not connected it is essential that all inlets and discharge openings are completely sealed.

The exterior shall be kept free from falling building materials, dampness or extreme cold or heat. The unit exterior surfaces should be inspected on a monthly basis and any sign of corrosion or scratches are to be treated immediately.

Static Indentation
Machines fitted with ball bearings may be damaged if left stationary for long periods. The balls and races may suffer damage by fretting corrosion (false brinelling, stationary vibration or static vibration marking).

Wedge Belts and Pulleys
Wedge belts should be removed from the pulleys and hung up and not exposed to excessive heat or cold and kept free from dampness. Belt life is reduced over a long period of non-use due to the curing and static condition of rubber. Pulleys already taper-locked to shafts can be lightly covered with rustproof compound. This must be thoroughly cleaned off before belting up prior to start up.

All filters, whether in the form of bags or panels, must be suitably wrapped and sealed to prevent damp and ingress of dust or foreign bodies, and held in a dry store.

Fan Shaft Bearings
Refer to bearing damage in Cautionary Notes. Bearings fitted with shields should not be stored for periods exceeding two (2) years since the grease ages. Bearings stored for longer periods than that specified may be found to have a higher initial starting torque and the service life of the grease will then be shortened. It is therefore advisable to repack the grease after twelve months of non-use. Fan shafts and impellers should be protected with rustproof compound to prevent any corrosion-taking place.

Electric Motors
Clean out all the dust accumulated inside and outside the motor and make sure that all the component parts of the motor are in good condition. Cover all the ventilating holes on the motor frame to prevent dust from entering the motor. Apply a coating of anti-corrosion grease or other anti-corrosion agent on all the parts that may be subject to rusting. Care must be taken to see that the storeroom is always dry and well ventilated while the room temperature is regularly maintained above 0oC. During storage, periodic inspections should be made to check for moisture, rust or hardening of grease.

The above are intended to preserve the life of all static and moving parts of the equipment during the period of storage. It is advisable that regular attention of the equipment is maintained.